Medical certificates for travelers under current international infectious disease.

Our hospital provides PCR testing and can issue the necessary medical certificates.

COVID-19 PCR test (not covered by national health insurance, free medical care, initial consultation fee included)

  • Intended for persons traveling for business or study, or to return home.
  • Please check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassy, or other reliable source for the travel destination to see if there are any documents that you must bring with you at the time of testing.
  • On the day of your doctor’s visit your medical history will be confirmed along with the staff, but please be sure to personally prepare and check your medical records and documents beforehand.
  • Also on the day of your visit, the hospital will do their best to go over everything you need to know and pay close attention to. However, they kindly ask that you understand whatever documentation and notes they give you on the day may change and not be applicable anymore after going abroad. This is not the responsibility of the hospital.
  • This test does not guarantee entry or eliminate restrictions on entry activities.
  • You need to have been in good health for the two weeks prior to the test.
  • Certificates can be issued on the same day or the next day.
  • If the test result is positive, you will be required to follow the instructions of the public health center as an infected person.

PCR test fee

The result of the next day : 12,000 yen (tax included)
The result of the day : 15,000 yen (tax included)

*We also provide nucleic acid amplification testing (real-time PCR method) using nasopharyngeal swab, saliva, or other samples.

Medical document issuance fee

Two types of medical document can be issued depending on the requirements of the travel destination. Examples of the two types of document and their associated fees are shown below. If your travel destination requires the use of a specific form, please bring the form with you on the day of the test.

Certificate of Negative PCR Test Result for COVID-19 for Overseas Travel

3,000 yen (tax included)

Medical Certificate of Low Infection Risk + Certificate of Negative PCR Test Result for COVID-19 for Overseas Travel

6,000 yen (tax included)

Test procedure

Before making an appointment, please check with the embassy of the travel destination to see when the PCR test must be conducted.
Depending on the country, the test may need to be conducted or the test results received within a specific period of time before travel (e.g., within 72 hours before entry, 72 hours before boarding, within 5 days of entry).
Please be aware that PCR tests take time and that the number of days required to receive the results varies depending on the type of PCR test required, which in turn depends on the requirements of the travel destination.


PCR test times and time until receipt of results are shown below.

【Test day and time】

Day Morning test Afternoon test Telephone appointment
Monday 9:30-12:30 13:30-19:15 Phone: 06-6105-5756
Monday–Friday: 9:00–17:00
Saturday: 9:00–12:00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:30-12:30 13:30-19:15
Friday 9:30-12:30 13:30-19:15
Saturday 9:30-11:00 14:00-15:50

【Time until receipt of test results】
If you are inspected by 14:30 on weekdays, the certificate can be issued on the day of the inspection.

  • Please note that PCR tests cannot be processed on public holidays or other consecutive holidays and so the test results will be delayed during these periods.
  • Depending on the amount of virus detected, re-examination may be required, which will require an additional 1–2 days.
PCR testing requires an advance telephone reservation.
Phone: 06-6105-5756
When the inspection schedule is decided, please fill in the reservation form.
*When you input your reservation information, please note the English letters will turn into Japanese.
*There are some staff members that can speak English onsite, but generally correspondence takes place in Japanese. If you require English interpretation, we ask that you have someone accompany you that can translate.


Input your information

*If there are any other documents requested by your destination country, please email us in advance. (The required documents vary depending on the travel destination.) If these documents must use a prescribed format, please fax an example to us before the test day.
Fax: 06-6976-6012

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.
Please bring your passport and fill out the questionnaire and consent form provided.
Issuance of certificate

At our hospital, you can choose to either hand over the original negative certificate directly or send it by e-mail as a PDF file.

[Those who wish to publish the original (paper-based)]

  • When the test result is confirmed, our staff will contact you by phone.
  • Please come to the hospital reception desk after 17:00.
  • The person (or agent) who has undergone the examination and the doctor in charge will confirm the certificate form, name, passport number, etc. together in the examination room.
  • The reception desk or the staff in charge will give you a certificate.

    • We will copy and keep your certificate, passport, questionnaire, etc.
    • We try to issue the certificate as quickly as possible, but depending on the congestion situation of the outpatient department, you may have to wait for a while, so please come to the hospital with plenty of time in advance.

[Those who wish to send PDF data files by email]

  • If you wish to issue the data on the same day, the data will be sent to the specified e-mail address by 17:00.
  • If you wish to issue the data the next day, we will send the data to the specified e-mail address by the morning of the day after the inspection.

    • We will not contact you by phone, so please check the incoming call individually.
    • Please be sure to confirm the form, necessary items, name and passport number individually.
    • If you have not received the data, or if there are any inadequacies or mistakes in the content, please check by phone.
      PCR center : 06-6105-5756 (until 17:00)
      Naito hospital 06-6071-3480 (17:00~20:00)
    • Please note that we cannot handle any situations such as data cannot be confirmed (file cannot be opened).
      In that case, if you come to the hospital by 20:00, we will hand you the original.
    • Please note that the staff in charge will be absent after 20:00 and we will not be able to respond.

Important notes

  • PCR testing is a test with limited sensitivity (the probability that an infected person is judged positive) and specificity (the probability that an non-infected person is judged negative). It is possible that the presence or absence of infection and the test results do not match.
  • Depending on the travel destination, there may be strict requirements regarding the timing of the PCR test (e.g., within 72 hours before boarding the aircraft or 72 hours before entry into the country).Therefore, depending on the date of travel, it may not be possible to issue a certificate in time. Please contact us in advance for details on the schedule.
  • Test specimens are transported to the testing company. Please note that we will not be held liable if certificate issuance is delayed due to delays during transport.
  • In rare cases, the test results may be put on hold and certificate issuance may be delayed. Please note that we are not responsible in this case.
  • Please check the necessary documents for boarding and entering the destination country and the conditions for PCR inspection. We are not responsible for any documents other than PCR inspection results.

Below is a link to the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s overseas safety website. Please check the entry restrictions for your travel destination. Please note that it may be difficult for us to respond. (in Japanese)
Information on COVID-19 from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (in several languages and simple Japanese)
Information on COVID-19 from the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases (in Japanese)